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Where is the Physical Store?

Our current Store & Office Location is at:

Sukedhara Marga, Shivabhumi Colony.

For support please call: 9884064967

Opening Hours: 1 pm to 5:30 pm (Sunday to Friday)

**The store & office is closed on Saturday as of now.

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Aroan Nepal


Why is everything I want sold out?

It’s never easy to estimate the demand for all items, sizes, and colors in advance of a sale. We have good stock levels of the upcoming products before the commencement date. However, things may sell faster than expected, and supply levels may be reduced before the start date.

When the products are officially launched, we are always quite busy, and we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis to be as fair as possible to all of our customers.

If you have been disappointed please do contact our Customer Service team at

+ 977 9884064967 and they will be able to suggest an alternative outfit.

Do you offer a repair service?

We do offer a repair service only on our Outdoor Collection (Down Jacket, Waterproof Jacket). If your favorite Aroan product accidentally gets damaged during one of your adventures, you can still contact us. We are happy to have a look at it and if at all possible, our Repairs team will fix it for a reasonable fee. Our Master Tailor will check your damaged product and you will be informed if the product is repairable and about the repair fee.

What’s not covered is the normal wear and tear, the natural breakdown beyond the reasonable life of the materials and components, modifications or alterations, damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, improper storage, negligence, accident, or damage as a result of the use of the product for which it was not designed.

However, we do not offer repair service on our Lifestyle Collection as the raw materials in it rarely break down. And in case if it breaks down it can be easily mended in a local tailor’s shop.

For Seam Repair

Because of wear and tear, if the seam (stitched part) of your clothing starts to rip, then we will mend it. However, we won’t be able to repair the garment if there’s a rip, cut, hole between the seams on the fabric.

For Zipper Repair

Slider Replacement:

Does your zipper separate? If the teeth are visibly intact, this is a slider issue. Over time, the slider mechanism wears out and doesn’t mesh the zipper teeth together quite as firmly. To fix it, we’ll simply swap out your slider for a new one.

Please note that we won’t be able to repair the broken and damaged zipper and replace it with a new one. We can only replace and mend the slider.

Why are feathers & down coming out of my Down Jacket?

With a newly-purchased down-insulated garment, it’s important to know that down and feathers will try to escape. Although it is concerning, this is normal, and there’s no need to rush to your warranty. This isn’t a manufacturing defect or sign of a lower-quality product; even the best brands on the market will have this happen, so do not fret.

Feathers and down are considered fine fibres, as in delicately-wrought. Due to their sharp ends, it’s easy for them to penetrate the seams or linings of your jacketIt’s also possible to see down through the fabric if your garment is a light colour. Again, this isn’t a defect or sign of lower-quality materials. Often, semi-transparent outer materials are used to improve the lightweight feel of an insulator.

The fabrics we use are down proof, but sometimes the insulation will appear to be leaking through the fabric. This is because the down that we use is (normally) a mix of 90% down and 10% feathers which is the international industry standard. The feathers possess sharp quills and these are the bits that can work their way through the fabric or stitch lines.

Down is exceptionally fine and can work itself through small openings. A small amount of down escaping through the fabric or through any seam line is expected and common in any down garment, particularly early on (the first month or so).

What if I see some down poking through?

If you do see some down or a feather poking through the fabric do not pull it out.

Pulling the cluster through the jacket may cause an even bigger hole to develop.

Try to pull the down or feather back inside the jacket. Do this from the underside of the fabric. And then gently rub the area between your fingers. Rubbing the area where the down or feather was poking through will move the fabric strands back together, helping to seal up any opening.

Standard Delivery Time & Delivery Charge inside Nepal?

Delivery Time

We need to process, pack and schedule your order for delivery. Once the order has been confirmed, we normally deliver your product within 48 hours in the case of Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur.

Our out-of Kathmandu Valley deliveries are handled by our reliable Logistics Partner, carefully selected after trying out nine different Logistics Companies based in Kathmandu. Once we drop your package at their office, they will deliver it to your doorstep within 2-3 days in case of a major city like Pokhara. It normally takes 4-6 days delivery time for far-flung cities.

Delivery Charge

We have outsourced our deliveries to multiple logistics companies and the delivery charge that we collect is to be paid to them based on current rate.

Standard Delivery Charge:

Inside Kathmandu’s Ring-road: NRS 100

Outside Kathmandu’s Ring-road: NRS 150 (Godavari, Chandragiri, Kirtipur, Lubhu, Budhanilkantha, Tokha, Bhaktapur, etc)

Outside Kathmandu Courier Charge: NRS 135 & above based on airline cargo fare and courier companies’ charge.

Returns, Exchange, Refund Policy?

No Cash Refund policy

Any transaction done will not be eligible for a monetary refund. In case of size and color issues, customers will have the option for exchange/ given store credit to use for the purchase of another item. There will be no cash refunds and we do not accept returns.

In case of Faulty/ Damaged Product

While these cases are extremely rare, however, if you do receive a damaged product, we will exchange it with a fresh piece. Please contact us with information about the product and the defect if you receive a defective item. We will thoroughly inspect the returned product upon receipt and inform you, within 1-2 business days, if you are eligible for a replacement due to the defect.

All merchandise must be unwashed and unworn with the original tags attached. All returns require proof of payment, and all garments are subject to inspection.

We will thoroughly inspect the returned product upon receipt and inform you within 1-2 business days if you are eligible for a cash refund or replacement due to the defect.


For a Product Exchange

We recommend sizes to our customers according to their height, weight, and preference, and our size guide. In case, if you feel doubtful regarding the size and color then we advise you to visit the physical store location and check all the options and get the one that fits you well.

Within 1-2 business days of receiving the product, we will process the exchange request. We’ll inform you right away if the item you’d like to exchange is no longer available.

Conditions for Exchange:

Our exchange policy is valid for 2-3 days from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your request if two days have passed since your purchase.

  • All merchandise must be unwashed and unworn with the original tags attached.
  • Items that have been altered, used, or damaged are not eligible for return/exchange.
  • The exchange must be requested on the same day or the next day of the delivery date.
  • No free delivery in case of exchange.
  • NRS 100 delivery charge will be added for your exchange inside Kathmandu Valley.
  • Outside Kathmandu Valley Exchange: Delivery charge as per location, Pre-payment via Online Payment.
  • We don’t accept exchange on the clearance sale products purchased from our physical store or online.

Is Guarantee on Fabric provided?

We don’t provide any guarantee on fabric as we only manufacture the final product, not the fabric and raw materials. We had sent our products for lab test in Japan in 2021, the results turned out to be good in the hydrostatic head test and down quality test.

Most of our fabrics are imported to Nepal from textile factories in China, Japan, and Taiwan which also make fabrics for renowned international outdoor brands. To date, we have been regularly using fabrics from Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd., Toray International – Tecone (Tech One Co., Ltd.).

Sometimes, we also tend to use the same fabric that has been made for big international outdoor brands. However, the same kind of fabric (with the same color shade, same denier, and same level of water repellency doesn’t come on our next order). Hence we do not provide a guarantee on the fabrics.

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